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Backsplash your Kitchen or Washroom with this New Trend!

Sleek and smooth, we are loving the new solid slab backsplash that is trending amongst modern styled kitchens and washrooms. Slab or sheet backsplash is a term coined for any large, continuous material that is used to backsplash your space. Depending on the size of your space, a slab backsplash can also be formed using several pieces, as long as they are installed tightly.

The beauty of a slab backsplash is that it provides protection to areas that are prone to moisture or heat with minimal (if any) seams. Naturally, grouted lines can be a pain to clean over time, as it can collect dirt and requires maintenance such as sealing. In addition, a solid slab backsplash in a small kitchen can expand your space, making it appear larger and less crowded.

If you want a modern look on an ordinary kitchen or washroom, a continuous sheet of veined porcelain is a great way to achieve that high-end appearance!

For more information on slab backsplashes, contact us today!

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