• Marisa Mastrogiovanni

Create a Statement with this Unique Pattern and Style

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Whether you are a home owner or an interior designer, these Marrakesh grey tiles are an affordable and easy way to express your creativity in any room. The modern grey coupled with a traditional hand-painted feel can create a statement to your floor, backsplash or bedroom wall.

The Marrakesh tile is sold in a box of varying patterns, meaning each 8" x 8" tile is quite different. The Marrakesh's aesthetic design is available in both a Grey Mix and Colour Mix with the option of Matte Porcelain or Glossy Ceramic.

With such a unique look, we recommend using the Marrakesh tiles in neutral spaces.

For ideas on how to design your space using our Marrakesh tiles, contact us today!

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