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Rustic Looks to Transform Your Bedroom

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

Are you looking to renovate your bedroom? Perhaps it’s time to step away from those plain white walls and incorporate a look with a bit more creativity into your space. A dramatic feature wall is the perfect way to add character to the focal point in a bedroom.

When choosing a feature wall, we don’t recommend just randomly selecting a wall. Your feature wall should be used to highlight the rooms already existing focal point. For instance, the back wall behind your headboard is an ideal spot to draw attention to. Keep in mind that a feature wall does not need to be paint or wallpaper. In fact, some of the coolest feature walls that we've seen can be created using tiles, stones and porcelain- wood.

Here are some great ways to transform your room using rustic looks:

Porcelain-Brick Tiles

You probably thought this was a brick wall. Well, guess again. Our Porcelain-brick tiles are an easier and more realistic way to achieve the exposed brick wall look without actually having to brick your room!

Porcelain-Wood Tiles

Similar to the Porcelain-brick, the Porcelain-wood tiles are also a great way to achieve that rustic look in your bedroom. Best part? It also creates a warm ambiance in an easy and affordable manner.

Both looks pair great with hardwood which is the most common flooring in a bedroom. We also offer each tile in an aged, weathered and textured design to resemble that of a historic (yet ascetically pleasing) home.

Get inspired! Visit our store today for more information on the latest interior trends.

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