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Spice Up Your Fireplace With These Three-Dimensional Tiles

This week, #ClassicCeramicTile released its latest series, the Linea, which are white textured ceramic tiles. The Linea design is a three-dimensional display which creates the illusion of constant movement unlike the standard perception of ceramic.

The Linea series is perfect for feature walls, #backsplashes, and #fireplaces. The fireplace, which creates comfort for a home, has become the focal point of a room for modern designers. Adding tiles such as the Oblique (referenced in the images below) can bring a dose of modernism, especially to more traditional stoned fireplaces.

It is also worth noting that ceramic tiles are inflammable and capable of enduring extreme temperatures. Decorating the wall behind the fireplace as well as its frame with tiles can therefore create a safe barrier between the fireplace and the rest of your home.

Although textured, the Linea series remains simplistic and creates a calm look for your space. Offered in shades of white, the Linea series pairs great with a variety of colours from our porcelain wood collection including dark browns and shades of grey. The versatility of the Linea series allows home owners to effortlessly create astonishing atmospheres, whether that be through an eye-catching fireplace or even a kitchen backsplash!

To view the Linea series, please click here.

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